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Immigration Bill Tops 844 Pages; Michael Barone Discusses | AM 870 The Answer

Immigration Bill Tops 844 Pages; Michael Barone Discusses

The proposed immigration bill now tops 844 pages -- about as long as the novel "Les Miserables," says Morning Answer co-host Elisha Krauss.  Commentator Michael Barone joined Elisha and Ben Shapiro on the Morning Answer this morning to discuss his thoughts on the leglislation.

"My major criticism of this endevour is that—you know—by revisiting immigration law, which we do only once every generation or so in this country,  we have an opportunity to bend our system in a better direction," Barone told the Morning Answer hosts.  "I tend to favor some form of legalization--amnesty if you want to call it that—at the same time I think that we want to move away from low skilled immigration… and we want to move toward high skilled immigration.”

Click on the player above to hear more discussion about the immigration bill between Barone, Ben and Elisha.

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