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MC Hammer Calls Arrest "Teachable Moment" | AM 870 The Answer

MC Hammer Calls Arrest "Teachable Moment"

MC Hammer is calling his recent arrest in the Bay Area a “teachable moment.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that Hammer was taken in to custody at a gas station when cops found out a car he was driving had expired registration and was not registered to him.  He reportedly became argumentative when he was asked to exit the car.

“Teachable Moments are the stupidest thing ever,” remarked Morning Answer co-host Ben Shapiro.  “I don’t understand--- you always notice that the person who is—who is discussing the teachable moment is the person who ought to have been taught by the moment.”

Ben went on to say a much more humble way to approach a “teachable moment” is to say “What I have learned from this is…” instead of saying, “I made a mistake and now I’m going to teach the rest of you.”

Co-host Brian Whitman stuck out his neck and made the unpopular assertion that there “might be something to MC Hammer’s complaints.”  Brian thought that MC Hammer might have been racially profiled.

“It’s was a vehicle with expired license plates!” pointed out guest host Elisha Krauss.  “So if a cop sees a black man in a vehicle with expired license plates, he’s not supposed to pull him over?”

Click on the player above to hear Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro, and Elisha Krauss talk more about MC Hammer’s arrest and “teachable moment.”

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