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Most Delusional -- Piers Morgan or Jimmy Carter? | AM 870 The Answer

Most Delusional -- Piers Morgan or Jimmy Carter?

The Morning Answer crew wrapped up the week with another installment of “The Most Delusional Quote of the Day.” 

Today’s quotes came from Piers Morgan and former President Jimmy Carter. 

Piers Morgan recently tried to explain why women shouldn’t own guns because they will be used against them if they try to protect themselves – or something like that.

 Co-host Ben Shapiro pointed out that the rape rate in Great Britain is twice that of the US mainly because a lot of women don’t own guns.  “And you know why women who own guns tend to get shot with guns more.  It’s because they live in dangerous areas.  Which is why they own guns in the first place.” 

Heidi Harris offered a female perspective on the situation.  “I would say that if you’re a woman and you made a very bad decision by dating a loser, and now you’re trying to fix that – rectify that – by making a good decision, by buying a gun – you need to learn to use that use that gun effectively.  So, if he comes calling, you can handle it,” explained Heidi.  She added, “Make sure he falls forward, not backward.” 

Jimmy Carter tried to claim he had “a very high batting average” when it came to his support from both Republicans and Democrats. 

Click on the player above to find out who Heidi, Brian and Ben voted as having said the most delusional quote of the day! 

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