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Why Do People Making Minimum Wage Have Kids? | AM 870 The Answer

Why Do People Making Minimum Wage Have Kids?

Raising the minimum wage to nine dollars per hour came up in President Obama’s State of the Union speech.  On a his recent podcast, frequent Dennis Prager guest Adam Carolla opined, “the point that everyone is missing in Obama’s speech is not raging the minimum wage, it’s what is the family who’s making minimum wage, what are they doing having two kids.  That’s insane!”

After playing the clip on The Morning Answer, co-host Brian Whitman asked co-hosts Heidi Harris and Brian Whitman if either of them would support the government imposing a limit on how many offspring certain people can reproduce.

Ben responded, “No, I think we should have a limit on me providing support to your offspring.  Meaning if you want to have kids, that’s your problem.”

Brian then hinted towards the leftist cliché about conservatives only caring about life inside the womb when he told Ben, “so if you’re pro-life and value life…so if the offspring is here, you say we’re not going to spend money on it.”

Ben fired back, explaining to Brian, “No – what I say is that if the offspring is here, it’s your job as a parent to take care of your child and anything that incentivizes you to not take care of your child, but to thrust that on to society, is a detriment.  That’s why people are poor.  If you don’t want to be poor, make good decisions.”

Not letting up, Brian continued by asking if the parent can’t take care of the child, what happens to the pro-life position to care for the child?

“You put it up for adoption,” stated Ben with a frank tone in his voice.

Heidi Harris jumped in to back up Ben.  “If you can’t afford a child, you shouldn’t have danced all night!” exclaimed Heidi.  “Why are you having all these children when you can’t afford them?  By the way – if the government didn’t lie to you…and say go ahead, have that baby -- we’ll give you everything you need.  Free shots, free education, free breakfast, lunch and dinner – free diapers, everything you need for your kid, then people wouldn’t be having these kids and then realizing, ‘Oh my gosh! Even with all this government help, I’m still screwed!’”

Click on the player above to hear Heidi, Brian and Ben talk more about the minimum wage and if poor people are paying their fair share.

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