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Christopher Dorner Probe Needed to Maintain Police Credibility | AM 870 The Answer

Christopher Dorner Probe Needed to Maintain Police Credibility

In addition to offering a $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of accused cop killer Christopher Dorner, LAPD is also opening a probe in to the allegations made by Dorner in his manifesto.

All four candidates for the mayor of the city of Los Angeles have agreed that the probe should be opened.  Candidate Kevin James joined The Morning Answer to defend his position.

Co-host Ben Shapiro believes that reviewing the allegations is capitulating to a known killer and that the mayoral candidates are trying to use this issue to campaign.  Kevin clarified that nobody stepped in to this to try to gain some sort of political advantage as the question came up at a mayoral forum.  Ben replied that he understood it came up at a mayoral forum, but asked James, “Why didn’t anybody just say, look, we can deal with the issue of corruption and problems with the LAPD when we catch this guy?”  James replied that the question wasn’t when we should do it, but whether we should do it.

“For the LAPD to have any kind of credibility you have to investigate these kinds of claims. You can’t just pick and choose.” explained Kevin. “And yes, I recognize the guy is a cop killer.  We all want him picked up quickly.  We all want to -- I want to see him on the death penalty and I also want to see him experience the death penalty.  But that doesn’t mean that we don’t investigate the charges of racism or the charges of discrimination.”

Ben again pressed James about the timing, pointing out that the only reason these allegations are being discussed is because he just murdered a cop and shot four other people.

Kevin reminded Ben that question was about whether, not when, the allegations should be investigated.  He went on to emphasize that, as a former prosecutor, it is important to maintain the highest level of police credibility.   “If we don’t have that level of credibility, it’s going to be a public safety problem for the community because I, as the prosecutor am not going to be able to win the kind of convictions that we need.”

Click on the player above to hear more of mayoral candidate Kevin James’ discussion about the Dorner case with Heidi Harris, Brian Whitman and Ben Shapiro.

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