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Heidi Harris, Ben Shapiro on FOX News with Megyn Kelly | AM 870 The Answer

Heidi Harris, Ben Shapiro on FOX News with Megyn Kelly

Both Morning Answer co-hosts Heidi Harris and Ben Shapiro made seperate appearances on FOX News with Megyn Kelly on Friday.

Heidi Harris joined a panel with liberal host Leslie Marshall  to discuss whether President Obama's legislative priorities were in line with the rest of the country.  Kelly had started the segment off with polling data suggesting that more than two-thirds of Americans want politicians to address the economy, unemployment and the budget deficit.

"Building briges and roads and thins like that, that's not really going to improve the economy and that's all he said about it in his speech," said Heidi. "His vision of America, we on the right believe, is very different from what our founders had."

Read more about Heidi's appearance on Fox News from Mediaite - click here.  Click on the player above to hear the audio from that interview.

Ben Shapiro came on the Fox News Channel to discuss the role of religion in the gun control debate.

Kelly started off the segment with a clip of Rev. Gary Hall, the dean of the National Cathedral.  He says will be working to mobilize the nation’s faith communities against gun rights advocates.  Hall made the statement, “I believe the gun lobby is no match for the cross lobby.”

As soon as the interview began, Ben went on the offensive to point out what was going on.

“It’s Diane Feinstein and the Democrats who are trotting him out to make this basic argument,” explained Ben. “If you oppose their gun control agenda it’s not because you really want to find a different way that doesn’t wreck the rights of 300 million Americans to prevent things like Sandy Hook.   It’s because you’re a bad person. It’s because you don’t care about what happened in Sandy Hook.”

Ben continued with his analysis by explaining that Rev. Hall puts the gun lobby up against the cross lobby, that’s meant to say that someone who doesn’t support his agenda is a “morally deficient human being.” 

Then, Ben reminded the viewers that this thug tactic has been the element the left has been pushing for weeks now.

Click on the video player below to watch the entire interview between Ben Shapiro and Megyn Kelly

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