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Obama's Gun Control Executive Orders "Homework Policy from the White House" | AM 870 The Answer

Obama's Gun Control Executive Orders "Homework Policy from the White House"

Controversy continues over the 23 executive actions President Obama signed yesterday in reaction to Sandy Hook and other recent mass shootings. 

Flanked by four young children, Obama put his signature on a variety of actions, ranging from “universal background checks” to “nominating an ATF director.” 

Heidi Harris, Brian Whitman and Ben Shapiro discussed the president’s press conference and orders on AM870’s “The Morning Answer.” 

Co-host Ben Shapiro commented that there weren’t many specifics in the press conference.  Instead, the President spent most of the time citing letters from the seven year olds that were surrounding him.  

“Jimmy Carter back in 1980 cited his 13 year old daughter as why he cared about nuclear policy,” Ben reminded the audience.  Co-host Brian Whitman attempted to become dismissive, but Ben pressed on saying that you don’t get to cite seven year old kids when you’re talking about gun policy.  He explained if you want to have a rational discussion, it’s not rational to have a discussion based on a letter from a seven year old. 

“The problem is that people are saying is that these kids wrote the proposals and that’s just outrageous,” fired back Brian.  “The President and his team…have written this law.” 

Ben countered Brian’s point by saying that he didn’t think anyone was suggesting that.  Rather, “if your impetus for action is letters from a bunch of seven year olds,” explained Ben, “you’re going to be making a bunch of homework policy from the White House.” 

Ben summed up the tone of the press conference by pointing out, “the vile undertone to what Obama is doing here is that if you don’t agree with him… then you really don’t care about the fears of these children.”  He added that everything about President Obama’s speech was “I care about kids.  If you disagree with me you really don’t care about kids and therefore you should buy in to my legislative proposals.”  

Click on the player above to hear more of the heated discussion between Heidi, Brian and Ben on President Obama’s executive orders on gun control.

Heidi Harris, Brian Whitman and Ben Shapiro can be heard on the Morning Answer ever weekday morning on AM 870 in Los Angeles or online at

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