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"Intellectuals Say the Darndest Things: Part II" -- Barak Lurie this Week on Lurie Law | AM 870 The Answer

"Intellectuals Say the Darndest Things: Part II" -- Barak Lurie this Week on Lurie Law

Barak Lurie gives us more examples how in 95% of the cases, whatever the intelligentsia has advanced that were contrary to conventional wisdom, it was probably wrong, in this week’s Lurie Law Segment on AM870.

We talked about this a couple weeks ago about how I’d have a show “Intellectuals Say the Darndest Things” so I gathered up a list of items and it was so easy to see that just about anything that the intelligentsia has advanced that was contrary to conventional wisdom was probably wrong. 95% of the time, that’s the case.

This was prompted by an article a friend sent to me suggesting that atheists were brighter than believers. Since atheists generally have higher IQs and QED, it must be the correct ideology.

Well, then, if that’s true, what else have intellectuals believed? I found a laundry list of absurd and silly notions, including communism and fascism.

I agree with George Orwell when he recognized this so long ago and said, “Some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual will believe them.” That’s a very accurate assessment.

What other examples can I give you? The intelligentsia will tell you that boys and girls are basically the same and therefore men and women are exactly the same, except the obvious biological differences.

It reminds me of the Bob Dylan line from his song Subterranean Blues: “You don’t need the weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows.” To say such nonsense is so contrary that you really have to be moronic to think that.

If you are a parent, and you possibly believed in this, this notion was clearly disabused when you actually had kids. I’m generalizing but boys tend to be more rambunctious. Boys are a little wilder, they’ll take more risks, they’ll yell at each other, they’ll get into fights, play with toy trucks, toy guns, soldiers, and play in the dirt. Girls are not as interested in those things. They like playing with dolls, nurturing, friendships, and relationships. Surprise, surprise. Maybe God had a design. Maybe it’s good there are differences.

If boys and girls were exactly the same, why even have boys and girls? Why have men and women? If the whole mission is just to reproduce, instead of us having to engage in action, why not just give us the ability to clone by throwing a clump of ourselves on the ground? But instead, God forces us to have a relationship with the opposite sex; that we should be mothers and fathers for children. I wonder why? Could it be that each sex offers something different? It forces us to raise children together. A mother offers something that a father cannot and vice versa.

Here are other examples in the family area: that the family unit is not so important; that fathers don’t matter so much. A family with a father and mother is no better than any other combination. That’s a relatively new opinion. But, single mothers are just as good. You really don’t need a father at all.

Or, that we shouldn’t reward excellence. Rewarding excellence might make people feel a little bad about themselves and it might hurt their self-esteem.

Or, that marriage itself doesn’t matter. It’s just a piece of paper.

This is the claptrap you get from the intelligentsia. It’s so brazenly stupid that only an intellectual can believe it.

Another example that’s very recent is this notion that you don’t need a voter ID to vote. Everything will be just fine. There will be no fraud associated with it. I don’t even know where to begin with this. It’s so palpably stupid.

The voting booth is open from 8am to 8pm, and there are many precincts. If I were interested in voting for my candidate, I’ll go to precinct #1 bright and early and vote as I will. Then, 20 minutes later, I’ll go to the next precinct, and then the next precinct… all day long. You can easily vote 20 times for the same candidate. Don’t tell me that everyone’s going to be honest about this. It’s like expecting people to be on the honor system for paying their taxes or obeying the speed limit.

And here’s the funny thing: liberals love regulations because that’s the way to prevent fraud. They love regulations when it comes to SEC rules, OSHA, or food labeling because otherwise everybody will just abuse the system. But when it comes to voting, then you can trust people.

Also, how about the notion of affirmative action? This is an intellectual idea. Let’s give minorities a break. Let’s give them an advantage because of the suffering they’ve historically faced. We’ll give them a leg up and everything will be exactly the same.

It was originally a four-year program, and here we are almost 50 years later and clearly it’s not working. This is clearly an idea of an intellectual sitting in his armchair.

Or, what about all the people who don’t want their children to be bussed to another school? They’re going to move. That happened to us. My parents, who had just emigrated from Israel said, “excuse me,” and we moved. It didn’t work and it still doesn’t work.

Or, that we should have different sentencing for minorities because of historical racism. The reason why we have a higher percentage of blacks in prison must be because of racism. It can’t be anything else. Let’s turn a blind eye to any other possibility.

No. The reason why is because there’s unfortunately, a very high level of minorities in the welfare system and a high level of fatherlessness in those minority groups. That’s the single greatest contributor to crime. If you want to avoid crime, make sure your child has a father. It’s not a guarantee but it dramatically reduces the chances that your child will be a violent criminal in later life.

Here’s another one that you hear from Intellectuals all the time: that increasing taxes will have no effect on business. This is what economist Tomas Sowell calls Stage One Thinking - that you can implement a law and there will no be impact or consequences associated with it. If you are taxing people at 15%, it creates a certain incentive, and if you’re taxing people at 95%, well, don’t you think it will have an impact on their behavior? Or do you think they’ll work the same amount of hours?

We’ve talked many times in the past about Minimum Wage, another intellectual idea. Let’s advance this law called the minimum wage, and we will guarantee that people will be paid something that’s livable. But what exactly is a livable wage? Never mind how it impacts an employer, or that it will destroy jobs, and encourage illegal immigration. It’s another intellectual idea that is patently stupid. They will not recognize the consequences of their ideas.

Here’s another idea: that Unions work for the protection of their members. You’ve really got to be naïve to believe this. Liberals claim that unions were important for the implementation of child labor laws. But, unions were not responsible for that. There are basic laws that were established by society as a whole that children are not forced to work.

Unions are solely self-perpetuating at this point, for increasing the coffers for their bosses. It’s a dynamic that will lead to the final destruction of the business itself. I will show you any major company that has unionized, and you can start counting the days that the company will file for bankruptcy. They’ll push for more and more benefits, and higher wages. Ultimately, management will just close shop.

It’s really hard to give examples of when intellectuals have gotten it right.

Another crazy intellectual idea is that the world would be better off without organized religion, like that John Lennon song. It’s such a pretty song. Never mind the stupidity of the lyrics. All that matters is what’s in your heart because you have a good heart.

I remember seeing the Dalai Lama Facebook page – and if he actually said this quote, I’ve lost a lot of respect for him – “It doesn’t matter what the temples are, or what your religious institution is, it just matters what’s in your heart.” This is profoundly naïve.

Does that mean the heart will always do the same right thing? These are the same people who don’t believe in God but believe the heart will lead you to the right thing. There should only be one same, right thing – do I kill or not kill this person who is attacking me? Do I steal because I need to provide for my family or not? It begs the question, how does the heart know to do the same, right thing consistently among all people all the time? If that’s not the case, the heart means nothing. The heart does different things for many people so it’s meaningless. There should only be one right thing.

How does the heart know to do the right thing all the time? Where would that sense of right and wrong come from? Is that another word for God? They’ll do contortions left and right and left to avoid God. It’s all about the heart, but you’re talking about God aren’t you?

Here’s another one: reducing nuclear arms unilaterally. Throwing guns to the fire will increase peace throughout the world. Do I really need to go into this? Do you really think that North Korea is going to say, now that America has gotten rid of its nuclear arms, we should, too? It’s madness.

This is the same as the gun control issue. You are naïve to think that if none of the good guys have guns but all the bad guys do, we’ll have a safer society. Let’s never mind the 2nd amendment, which guarantees us the right to bear a gun.

Remember, intellectuals have offered very little and have so often been wrong that you know that if an intellectual is espousing something, it’s probably a stupid idea. Intellectuals don’t use logic. Logic is not their friend. You present them with facts; they will not listen to facts. The ideas are brazenly stupid.

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