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Barak Lurie dispels the notion that law is a necessary evil | AM 870 The Answer

Barak Lurie dispels the notion that law is a necessary evil

In this week’s Lurie Law Segment on AM870, Barak Lurie answers the question “Does God want us to have law?”

People often talk about law as being a necessary evil … that we need rules in order to live and function. But, is that so in actuality? No, it’s not.

It’s a mistake to split apart God on one hand and law on the other hand as if they were inconsistent with one another. On the contrary, God expects us to make laws that are necessary to help each other strive for their best, be their best, and act reasonably. In its natural state, the law is a tool that God wants us to use.

Each of us has our own roles. One of those professions is the law.

I’ll often ask my kids, “What does God want from you?” They’ll answer, “God wants me to get along with my friends, appreciate and be sympathetic to their feelings, and respect each other’s toys.” That’s exactly what it is in the adult world: we want to live in a world that’s a reasonable place, we want to appreciate the feelings of other people, get along with friends, and respect each other’s properties.

Parents aren’t unnecessary evil, but they are rule givers – they lay down the law. And parents need contracts with each other, too, such as how we obey the road. The law is a series of expectations.

I want to note that there’s a big distinction between the law and regulations. Natural law is the things that are intuitive. American law (common law) makes common sense. There’s a reasonableness that is implied to almost anything. For example, with a speed limit of 55MPH, if you’re going 57MPH or even 65MPH, will the cop stop you? Probably not. But, if you’re going 90MPH, then you’ll be stopped, because you’re being reckless.

Regulations are unwise, and cripple the economy. Regulations are not intuitive. There are 175,000 pages worth of federal regulations created in the past couple years. It’s impossible to guess what those regulations are. It’s crippling. Look at a “civil law country” such as Germany. Every law comes from their legislature. It does not come from the courts, where rules develop out of practicality. It comes from an idea that somebody has lobbied to them. For example, you can’t rest your arm outside your window because you may get skin cancer and the government will have to pay for it so you will be fined heavily. Many Germans live in anxiety of the law. They live under this cloud of what am I doing wrong today? It’s very frustrating for them.

The number one purpose that God sees in us – the ultimate purpose of what He wants us to do – is He wants us to create. You can be creative in so many different ways, as long as you keep advancing society to evolve and make it a better society.

But we need a system of laws in place because chaos doesn’t protect creativity. Law protects natural property. Copyright laws protect intellectual property. Contracts are created because we want people to be able to rely on other people’s promises. Whatever we arrange, it’s going to be enforced. That’s what the law should protect. The law should protect your personal safety.

I really want everyone to rethink the way they view the law; that it’s counter to God’s will. On the contrary, when we talk the natural law, God expects us to come up with rules that will help us advance, just like God expects parents to be good and teach their kids the “rules of the road” among themselves and their friends.

When there is a law, we have to think about the purpose of the law. Is it designed to help people along? Does it help advance society?

The legal system is so important to the very structure and fabric of our society, but people think about it is as an annoyance. When people talk about the greatness of America, they’ll talk about the rule of law. If you don’t have the rule of law, everything else will fall apart. 

For those of you who wonder about the law and the Bible, the first person who created the system as we now have it was King Solomon, who was very wise. They came to him because he was so respected. He deputized judges. They would have courtrooms. It advanced Israel. It advances society if you can resolve your disputes. If you can’t resolve your disputes (and there will always be disputes), you will have a collapsed society.

God wants us to have a reliable system in place one that is fair, objective, one that does not demand that we encourage favoritism for the rich or the poor, the old or the young, the black or the white, just as he wants parents to be fair and magnanimous with their children.

Common law makes common sense. Regulations cripple that, but the law encourages creativity. The law is something that allows us to move forward. God surely wants that.

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  1. RossH posted on 06/30/2013 11:37 AM
    I sat in a hot car this morning so that I would not miss your talk on the 30th - conservative opposed to idling just to stay cool. Split into the house when you started inviting callers and didn't miss much. History supports the obvious, but none are so blind as they who REFUSE to see, nor so deaf as they who REFUSE to hear Your discussion on regulation addresses the major weakness of supporters of the Progressive agenda = they are very good people with very big hearts who are IDIOTs = In Denial Intensely Obscuring TRUTH from them self. The lack of thinking about potential consequences (risk - reward analysis if your success depends upon it like in the real world) or their failure to monitor results and make corrections is like taking a trip without checking road signs = just aim in the general direction and forget about the results. Dependence upon government without maintaining constraints upon power requires ignoring James Madison's admonition in Federalist 51 that, "The provision for defense must in this, as in all other cases, be made commensurate to the danger of attack. Ambition must be made to counteract ambition. The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place. It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices should be necessary to control the abuses of government. But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions."
    "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government." -- Thomas Jefferson
    I wish that there were podcasts of your talk because I am going to do what I can to spread the word about your Sunday on KRLA 1/2 hour. Thanks also for the man plans and God laughs - I will add it to my collection of sayings worth remembering.
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