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Deep in the Heart of California: Deep Pocket Jean Company | AM 870 The Answer

Deep in the Heart of California: Deep Pocket Jean Company

Pockets so deep (12" deep) you could carry a concealed weapon...

Baseball, guns, trucks… they’re all as American as apple pie. But what’s happened to our jeans? The staple item that used to clothe rugged cowboys as their signature work pants are now primarily imported denim with a bunch of silly stitching that look really girly.

That’s the question owners Dave Mercer and David Borgatta asked themselves when they started Deep Pocket Jean Company in Hermosa Beach, California in 2011.

So in their quest for real, American-made jeans with deep pockets, it was time to do something about it, and that’s what Dave and David did.

Deep Pocket Jean Company was founded on a basic statement: let’s just make clean, classic, quality, well fitting jeans for men that are 100% USA made.

This is a real man’s jean. With 12” deep pockets. We’re talking true pockets. Pockets so deep you could actually carry a concealed weapon in them - we’re not saying you should . . we’re saying you could . . just like any good ole law-abiding American cowboy would.

Plus, they’re actually manufactured here in California, and the fabric is from Cone Mills in North Carolina. And DPJC stands behind their quality 100%.

Best yet, don’t think you have to sacrifice fashion for function.

DPJC jeans come in 3 distinct fits, all of them based on a true straight leg comfort fit. There are also 6 great styles so you’ll find one that fits best for you, with new styles on their way. Look out for two additional styles: the Autry Cinch Jean, and the Norma Jean (the first women’s jean in their collection arriving within the month). Marilyn Monroe would be proud.

So head in and check out their flagship store for some great jeans. You’ll see that DPJC has carried that classic concept throughout. Plain and simple, it’s a guy’s store. Not only is it a truly classic men’s denim shop, it also has an old style barber shop where you can get a haircut and shave, or go to their cigar shop and smoke out on their ocean-view patio area. Heck, you can just hang out and watch sports on one of their two big screen Plasma TVs and talk about the things that guys talk about.

Or go online at and score yourself some great jeans with good looks, incredible comfort and of course deep pockets.

Plus, Deep Pocket Jean Co. is offering a special “Inside Advantage” deal for our AM870 listeners, right now when you mention AM870 at their store in Hermosa Beach or at the Deep Pocket Jean Company online store at check out (enter Promo Code AM870), you’ll get 20% off every order, plus 1 Free Deep Pocket Jean Co. Cigar & 1 Free Deep Pocket Co. Jean T-Shirt.

Score! It’s all about getting back to the basics and true American values.

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