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Hollywood Robbery Suspects Arrested | AM 870 The Answer

Hollywood Robbery Suspects Arrested

Twelve suspects in last night's Hollywood robberies are in custody.

Police say more than 30 teens and adults were seen swiping purses, jewelry and cellphones from pedestrians near the Hollywood and Highland shopping center around 9:30pm.

Cops also had calls earlier about similar activity about a mile to the east on Hollywood Blvd.

None of the victims were hurt too badly, but a few did take a punch or two to the face.

Officials believe the suspects may have been taking advantage of the commotion related to the George Zimmerman protests.

Photo: Flickr/OliBack


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  1. BarryL_4 posted on 07/17/2013 12:54 PM
    So am I racist or profiling if I mention that in the film of those rioting and harming others, I saw only blacks, blacks in hoodies, blacks with pants falling down, blacks that were cowards and picking on people smaller them they are, and doing them no harm.

    But enough with being called a racist by the race hustling poverty pimps that pass for civil rights leaders.

    you don't want to be profiled get into the community and tell the parents to control their animals or they will be put in cages or in pine boxes and not a tear will be shed for the waste of DNA that went into these miscreants
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