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Obama Speech

Veterans Fail to Applaud President Obama During Awkward Speech at American Legion

Well Obama is sort of like a laptop with a broken battery...

Emmy Recap

Breaking Bad, Modern Family Big Winners in Boring Emmys

he best part of the Emmys last night was Lena Dunham's dress. She wore a dress that looked like she murdered 53 muppets to make it!

LA County Fair

Win Free Tickets to the Los Angeles County Fair

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Dr. Siman

Dr. Siman - TMJ and Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentist

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Sleep Apnea Relief

Dennis Prager Finds Relief From Sleep Apnea

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  • Police Detain Wrong Person, Charles Belk, at Beverly Hills Pre-Emmy Party

    Police in an affluent neighborhood say they detained the wrong guy because it was necessary.  Hollywood film producer Charles Belk had been attending a Beverly Hills pre-Emmy party last week  when he was detained by police while checking his parking meter.  Read More
  • Gerardo Jimenez Arrested after Leaving Kids in Car Outside Jail

    A father is behind bars for allegedly leaving his kids inside his car outside the Orange County Jail in Santa Ana.  Gerardo Jimenez claims he left his kids inside his car because he didn't want to wake them up and take them inside the facility to put money in his wife's jail account.  Read More
  • Cops Shoot, Kill Gunman Who Shot a Deputy

    A man is dead after getting into a shootout with police.  While not much is known about the investigation at this point, it appears the man opened fire on two Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies with a semiautomatic weapon hitting one of them in the arm.  Read More
  • El Segundo Arsonist Caught on Camera

    Authorities are trying to catch an apparent serial arsonist in El Segundo. Surveillance video recently captured a woman using a lighter to ignite an umbrella at a store on Main Street.  Nearby Good Samaritans ended up putting out the flames. Read More
  • LA Council to Discuss Fixing Sidewalks

    City leaders in Los Angeles are scheduled to vote on a plan to repair thousands of miles of broken sidewalks.  Today's City Council vote is based off a plan put together by Councilmen Paul Krekorian and Joe Buscaino.   Read More


  • Veterans Fail to Applaud President Obama During Awkward Speech at American Legion [AUDIO][VIDEO]

    President Obama received a tepid response during his speech to the American Legion National Convention on Tuesday.  While Obama spoke, cameras showed the crowd with blank of frowning expressions as he paused several times for applause that never came. Read More
  • Breaking Bad, Modern Family Big Winners in Boring Emmys [AUDIO]

    The show "Breaking Bad" came away a big winner at Monday night's Emmy Awards.  On its' last season, it took 6 awards, including "Best Drama" for the second time. The other big winner was "Modern Family."  Host Seth Meyers stayed away from politics and instead spent most of his time riffing on the state of the industry and streaming's growing dominance over network television.  Also Billy Crystal gave a very touching monologue in memoriam of Robin Williams. Read More
  • Obama Sends Three Reps to Michael Brown Funeral, Zero to Thatcher's [AUDIO]

    This weekend the Obama Administration announced they would be sending not one, but three officials to the funeral service for Michael Brown, the teenager who is at the center of the ruckus in Ferguson, Missouri.  Leader of the “My Brother’s Keeper” Task Force Broderick Johnson will be at the event, along with Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement Heather Foster.  Keep in mind, the President snubbed Margaret Thatcher’s funeral as well as didn’t bother to have a presence at the funeral of two-star general Major General Harold Green. Read More
  • Mitt Romney Takes Ice Bucket Challenge [VIDEO]

    As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge sweeps across the nation, prominent celebrities and politicians are getting in on the act.  Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney joined the fray with former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan dumping the ice water over his head.  Read More
  • Grandma Sues Woodland Hills Salon Over Pot Cookie [AUDIO]

    A woman is claiming a cookie she ate at a salon got her high.  Jo Ann Nickerson has filed a lawsuit against the Blush Salon because she says eating a cookie on a tray for customers caused her to experience hallucinations.  The 72-year-old says she got scared after she started to see gingerbread men. Thinking she was having a stroke, Nickerson rushed to the West Hills Emergency Room, where doctors told her that she was simply high. Read More