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State of the Union

President Obama, GOP Exchange Barbs at State of the Union

We’re aware you won! We’re also aware you’re kind of a douche!

Brady Lies

Dr. Glass: Tom Brady's Actions "Indicative of Deception"

He also talked too much, there was too much extraneous speech and that is often times a sign of someone not telling the truth...

Dr. Siman

Dr. Siman - TMJ and Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentist

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Sleep Apnea Relief

Dennis Prager Finds Relief From Sleep Apnea

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  • Officials Reject New Management Deal for Greek Theater

    Management is not changing at the Greek theatre, but it may in the near future.  A City Council committee yesterday rejected a recommendation to turn management of the legendary theatre over to Live Nation.  For the past 39-years Nederlander Concerts has operated the Greek, but its contract expires next October.  People who live near the theatre say Live Nation will bring in more shows with louder music, and the issue will now go to the full City Council for consideration. Read More
  • Long Beach Man Tom Greer Won't Face Charges for Shooting Burglar

    A Long Beach man will not face charges for shooting and killing a burglar.  The Los Angeles County district attorney's office said yesterday it will not charge Tom Greer in the shooting death of Andrea Miller, who begged Greer not to shoot her.  Read More
  • Disneyland Measels Outbreak Grows to 100 Cases

    A measles outbreak linked to Disneyland continues to grow.  The California Department of Public Health said yesterday there are now 87 cases that originated at the Anaheim theme park.  Read More


  • Dr. Glass: Tom Brady's Actions "Indicative of Deception" [AUDIO]

    Body language and communication skills tell what goes on in your mind and heart.  It comes out in how you move, act and speak and reveals if you are telling the truth.  Dr. Lillian Glass is one of the premier experts on body language and communication.  She joined The Morning Answer to talk about whether or not Tom Brady was being truthful about the deflated football controversy with the New England Patriots. Read More
  • Is SNL Deflategate Audio or the Real Audio Funnier? [AUDIO]

    This weekend, Saturday Night Live had no option other than to lampoon the real life comedy created when Tom Brady and Bill Belichick talked about the deflated footballs allegedly used by the New England Patriots.   Brian, Ben and Elisha played both the Saturday Night Live audio and the real audio side by side to see which one was actually funnier! Read More
  • Home Schooling Growing at 2% Per Year [AUDIO]

    National School Choice Week will begin on January 25th.  Running through the 31st, the non-partisan event seeks to shine a positive spotlight on effective education options for all children.  President of National School Choice Week, Andrew Campanella, joined The Morning Answer to discuss the effort with Brian, Ben and Elisha. Read More