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Townhall 2014 [PHOTOS]

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F-Bomb Feminism

Feminists Use 6-Year-Old Girls to Drop F-Bombs

I’ve never wanted to wear a pretty dress and jewelry ‘cause I’m a dude! And that’s not the end of the world!

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  • Feminists Use 6-Year-Old Girls to Drop F-Bombs [AUDIO]

    Feminists are now featuring 6-year-olds girls dropping F-bombs as a way to somehow advance their cause.  A video from a group that almost spells the “F-word” features potty mouthed princesses mocking their attire while spewing out obscenities.   It’s all so very disturbing, most people can’t even get through 10 or 15 seconds of the video.   Ben Shapiro and Jennifer Horn were cringing as well. Read More
  • California Forces Churches to Fund Abortion [AUDIO]

    California is forcing churches now to pay for abortions.  This summer, California quietly changed the meaning of “basic health services” to include elective abortions.  That requires all health care plans, including those paid for by churches, to cover pregnancy termination.  Read More
  • Why You Should Vote 'No' on California Proposition 45 [AUDIO]

    Usually the safe thing to do is vote “no” on any Proposition on the California Ballot.  According to Morning Answer host Ben Shapiro, one that should definitely get your “no” vote is Proposition 45.  Neil Crosby is the Vice President for Public Affairs for the California Association of Health Underwriters and he’s an expert on Proposition 45.  He joined Ben and Elisha on The Morning Answer to discuss how detrimental this law could be if passed. Read More
  • DHS Places Travel Restrictions on West African Trips [AUDIO]

    While a full travel ban for passengers from West Africa is not “on the table,”  the Department of Homeland Security will be restricting passengers from Ebola areas to the five airports set up for screening.  Travellers will have their temperatures taken and be examined for other symptoms of Ebola at JFK, Newark, Dulles, Atlanta and Chicago airports.   Brian, Ben and Elisha took calls from listeners to The Morning Answer on their thoughts and ideas to keep Ebola from becoming a problem in the country.  Read More
  • John Deasey May Run for Office [AUDIO]

    Ramon C. Cortines takes over today for former LAUSD Superintendent John “Easy Brezzy” Deasey after his resignation.  The 82 year old man will serve in an interim capacity until a permanent replacement can be found.    Read More