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Poll: California Ditching Obama, Especially Women, Minorities | AM 870 The Answer

Poll: California Ditching Obama, Especially Women, Minorities

Californians -- especially women and minorities -- are leaving Obama in droves.  A Field Poll released Tuesday found that Obama's disapproval ratings were up 13 percent with women, 16 percent with Latinos and 18 points with union households.

The disasterous Obamacare "glitch"-o-rama is playing a big part.  When the law was signed in 2010, he had a 45-45 split on his handling of healthcare.  Now 50% disapprove and only 43% approve.

Overall California still likes Obama -- BARELY.  Just 51% approve of the way he's taking care of business.  That's an 11 point drop since the beginning of his second term.

Some people say "as goes California, so goes the nation."  However, Obama's national poll numbers are even worse.  In this case, it looks like California isn't leading - just following.

That could be good news.

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