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Obama Cries Uncle, Says You Can Re-Keep Your Plan | AM 870 The Answer

Obama Cries Uncle, Says You Can Re-Keep Your Plan

So after hearing we can't change Obamacare because "it's the law," the President went ahead and changed it!  He now says we can re-keep those plans that he said we could keep but couldn't "in to 2014."

A letter going out to state insurance commissioners will let them know that current plans will not be considered "out of compliance."   It will give them the power to allow insurance companies to offer existing plans, but does not compel them to do so.

Even with the new flexibility, President Obama continued to downplay the coverage of existing plans and encouraged people to leave them behind and check out the exchanges, despite on-going technical issues with the Obamacare website.

When asked by CBS reporter Major Garrett about his knowledge of problems in testing the website, Obama's actual response was "nobody told me the website didn't work."

By the way, several people are mentioning that World War II took less time to win than the time the Administration had to build the website. 

Just something to think about...

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