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Filipino troops pull 'greatest escape' from Syria

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Under cover of darkness, 40 Filipino peacekeepers made a daring escape after being surrounded and under fire for seven hours by ... Read More

Besieged town gets humanitarian drop...EU preparing tougher sanctions for Russia

WASHINGTON (AP) — Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby says the Iraqi government requested Western humanitarian aid for a besieged town north of Baghdad that's ... Read More

Australia to fly guns and ammunition into Iraq

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — An Australian military aircraft will soon fly guns and ammunition to the northern Iraqi city of Irbil to help Kurds fight ... Read More

Pakistani protester dies in clashes with police

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistani police on Sunday clashed with scattered pockets of anti-government protesters trying to advance on the prime minister's residence after a night ... Read More

German anti-euro party could enter state assembly

BERLIN (AP) — A party that wants Germany to ditch the euro currency is tipped to win its first seat in a state assembly Sunday.... Read More

Funeral held for black man killed by LA police

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Funeral services were held Saturday for Ezell Ford, a black man fatally shot by Los Angeles police officers more than two ... Read More

Humanitarian aid airdrop in Iraq...US backs EU effort in Ukraine... Philippine peacekeepers are safe

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon says aircraft from the U.S., Australia, France and Britain dropped food and water to the Iraqi town of Amirli (A'-mur-lee), ... Read More

Airstrikes and aid provide relief for Iraqi town

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon says aircraft from the United States, Australia, France and Britain have dropped food and water to the beleaguered Iraqi town ... Read More

All Filipino peacekeepers escape Golan standoff

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Under cover of darkness, 40 Filipino peacekeepers who were surrounded and came under fire by Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights ... Read More

New humanitarian aid drop in Iraq...EU demands Russia withdraw from Ukraine... More Islamabad protests

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon says the U.S. military has conducted airstrikes and dropped humanitarian aid to the beleaguered Iraqi city of Amirli (A'-mur-lee), where ... Read More