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Cop Cams

Body Mounted Police Cameras Gain Interest

'I’m leery of the government monitoring us. I think we all are with the NSA and isn’t this just sort of an extension of that?'

Hillary's Man Wardrobe

Jimmy Fallon Mocks Hillary's Man Wardrobe

He then went on to say that if it's a girl, it will get some of Chelsea's hand-me-downs. If it's a

Hewitt & Santorum

Hugh Hewitt, Rick Santorum Appearing Together at the Reagan Library

Join us for this special event on Friday, May 2nd!

Al Gore

Brian Whitman as "Al Gore" Recites Earth Day Poetry [AUDIO]

'Al Gore' joined Brian Whitman and Elisha Krauss on The Morning Answer to read some of his Earth Day poetry.

Chelsea Clinton Pregnant

Chelsea Clinton Pregnancy - Is it a Conspiracy?

'If I was a going to be a conspiracy theorist about the Clinton birth, I would have said, OK no wait until next year...'

Sleep Apnea Relief

Dennis Prager Finds Relief From Sleep Apnea

Click here to find out more about Sleep Apnea and how to order a home test to find out if you are suffering from this potentially deadly problem.


  • Body Found Near Fumigated Westminster Home

    Detectives are trying to figure out what killed a man found outside a Westminster home.  Fumigators say they found the body of the man on the home's back porch Tuesday night when they showed up to remove the fumigation tent.  Read More
  • Man Found Shot, Killed Next to 110 Freeway

    An investigation is underway after a man has been shot and killed next to a major L.A. freeway.  Authorities say a 52-year-old man has been found shot to death near the northbound 110 Freeway at Avenue 60 in Highland Park.  Read More
  • California Legislature Targets "Third Hand Smoke"

    A bill that would ban all smoking at home day care centers is making its way through the legislature.  The Assembly passed the measure yesterday on a 55-to-8 vote with some Republican lawmakers opposed.  Read More
  • Jessica Leffew, Danielle Murillo Dead after Fatal Accident

    Torrance students Jessica Leffew and Danielle Murillo are being remembered after a deadly crash.  Authorities say two students from North Torrance High School were among those killed early yesterday morning in a car accident in Santa Barbara.  Apparently the driver of the car hit a guardrail, causing the vehicle to flip over, and seconds later another car came barreling down the freeway hitting the disabled vehicle.  Read More
  • Huntington Beach Residents Angry Over Plastic Bag Ban

    Some people in Huntington Beach are speaking out against a plastic bag ban.  Huntington Beach approved its reusable bag ordinance last month, which allows stores to provide paper bags to customers for 10 cents a piece.  Read More