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Announcing the AM870 The Answer Summer Book Series

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Dr. Siman - TMJ and Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentist

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22nd Annual Glendale Cruise Night

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  • Evan Thomas and "Being Nixon"

    Writer Evan Thomas’ new book tackles the fascinating question of what it was really like to be Richard Nixon.  “Being Nixon” peels back the layers of a man driven by a poignant mix of optimism and fear creating a compelling psychological portrait of the anxious introvert.  Thomas joined the Morning Answer on Monday to talk about the book. Read More
  • Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Subisidies [AUDIO]

    The Supreme Court ruled to uphold nationwide tax subsidies under Obamacare on Thursday.  In a 6-3 ruling, the justices said that the 8.7 million people who receive subsidies do not depend on where they live.  John Roberts voted again with the leftist judges as did former dissenter Anthony Kennedy.  Justice Scalia penned a scathing dissent.  Joining him in voting against were Justices Alito and Thomas.  Pinch-hitter Larry Elder joined Brian and Elisha to discuss the outcome of the case. Read More
  • FOX News, Sarah Palin are Splitsville [AUDIO]

    Fox News and Sarah Palin are parting ways.  The cable news network decided not to renew the former VP candidate’s contract and it expired on June 1st.  Palin has been less visible on the network over the past year.  A search conducted by the Washington Post shows she made just eight appearances. Read More