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Townhall 2014 Pics!

Townhall 2014 [PHOTOS]

If you were there, you can relive the event. If not - here's what you missed!

Michael Myers

Chris Durand, aka Michael Myers, Talks Halloween on The Morning Answer

That’s a big deal, by the way, to put on that mask and assume that shape…that’s no small task...

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Dr. Siman - TMJ and Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentist

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Sleep Apnea Relief

Dennis Prager Finds Relief From Sleep Apnea

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  • Ryan Galliher, LAPD Officer, Arrested for Lewd Acts in Huntington Beach

    An LAPD officer is accused of committing a lewd act in Huntington Beach.  Detectives say 33-year-old Ryan Galliher has been exposing himself along an open pathway down Bolsa Chica Street for the past several months.  Read More
  • Interim LA Sheriff Endorses Long Beach Police Chief

    The Long Beach Police Chief is getting a major endorsement before the election.   Interim L.A. County Sheriff John Scott has endorsed Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell for sheriff in the upcoming November election.  Read More
  • Gunman Shot and Wounded after Standoff in Lawndale

    A gunman is in the hospital after being shot by SWAT team members.  The gunman barricaded himself in a home in Lawndale Wednesday and could been seen walking around the home firing multiple shots from what looked like an assault style rife at houses, cars and eventually a SWAT team.  Read More
  • SWAT Officer Wounded Serving Warrant Dies

    A Pomona SWAT officer taking part in a criminal gang sweep is dead.  Officer Shaun Diamond was shot in San Gabriel yesterday while serving a search warrant and was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospita in Pasadena.  Read More
  • Deputy Invovled Shooting Leaves One Dead in Paramount

    An investigation is underway after a deadly deputy-involved shooting near Paramount High School.  Homicide detectives say a school resource deputy learned that a fight was about to break out yesterday, and that one of the people involved had a handgun.  Read More


  • Chris Durand aka Mike Myers Talks Halloween on The Morning Answer [AUDIO]

    Brian Whitman is about to make is annual pilgrimage over to South Pasadena and the house from the movie Halloween.   Christopher Durand, who played Michael Myers in the Halloween H20 movie joined The Morning Answer to talk about his role and working as the infamous character. Read More
  • LAUSD Under Fire for English Only Cafeteria Rule [AUDIO]

    Unions are in an uproar at the Los Angeles Unified School District after cafeteria workers at Harvard Elementary School were instructed to only speak English.  In an exclusive story, CBS Los Angeles reported that a sign posted in the cafeteria read “During works hrs we the cafe have a English only rule for safety reasons.”  Union leaders say the exact opposite – that having workers struggle to speak English could actually be more of a safety issue in an emergency. Read More
  • Pete Peterson: Current County-by-County Rolls Lead to 1 Million Out-of-Date Voter Files, Voter Fraud [AUDIO]

    Just 6 days away until the mid-term elections and one of the Republicans running for office is Pete Peterson.  He hopes to be the next Secretary of State and he joined Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krauss on The Morning Answer to discuss his campaign and explain more about what it would mean if he won the office. Read More
  • CNN's Carol Costello Gets Excited Over Palin Brawl Audio [AUDIO]

    CNN’s Carol Costello could hardly control her glee after playing “possibly the best” audio that CNN has been ever able to hear, which was Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol describing being assaulted. Since then she has made a timid apology in Politico, saying that “Over the past few days I have been roundly criticized for joking about a brawl involving the Palin family. In retrospect, I deserve such criticism and would like to apologize.” Read More
  • Ebola Nurse Released from New Jersey Quarantine [AUDIO]

    Governor Chris Christie has caved to pressure and will release a quarantined nurse.  Kaci Hickox will be moved by private transportation to her home in Maine where officials there will have to come up with a plan for her quarantine.    The nurse had planned to file a lawsuit challenging her confinement. Read More