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Fence Jumping

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson Takes "Full Responsibility" for White House Fence Jumping

I don’t care what your funding is at the Secret Service! This is the only thing you have to do!

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  • Secret Service Director Julia Pierson Takes "Full Responsibility" for White House Fence Jumping [AUDIO]

    The Director of the Secret Service Julia Pierson says she takes “full responsibility” for the fence jumping incident at the White House on September 19th.   “It’s clear that our security plan was not properly executed,” she said in a hearing on Capitol Hill, “and I will make sure that it does not happen again.  All decisions made that evening are being evaluated, including decisions on tactics and use of force, in light of the totality of the circumstances confronting those officers.” Read More
  • Brown Signs "Yes Means Yes" Law [AUDIO]

    Jerry Brown has signed in to law the controversial “Yes Means Yes” bill.  SB 967 says that silence or lack of resistance does not constitute consent.  Someone who is drunk, drugged or unconscious cannot grant consent.  The bill applies to all California post-secondary schools including public and private institutions. Read More
  • Politico's Glenn Thrush on "Why Holder Quit" [AUDIO]

    President Obama has accepted the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder.  Glenn Thrush, reporter for Politico Magazine has a new piece entitled “Why Holder Quit.”  He joined Brian Whitman and Elisha Krauss on the Morning Answer on Friday to talk about his article and some of the reasons Holder may have decided to leave his prestigious position. Read More
  • Obama Delivers Address to UN Assembly [AUDIO]

    Obama spoke before the UN General Assembly on Wednesday for about an hour.  During his address, he talked about a number of issues including ISIS, Israel and Palestine, Russia and the Ukraine, Ebola and Climate Change.    He also brought up the summer commotion in Ferguson, Missouri: Read More
  • Air Strikes Begin in Syria [AUDIO]

    Airstrikes have begun in Syria in an effort to combat ISIS and too ultimately “degrade and destroy” the extremist organization.   President Obama gave a short press conference this morning to confirm that the strikes have taken place and also announce our cooperation with Middle East countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Bahrain.  The President’s speech was carried live by the Morning Answer. Read More