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Cuba Changes

Ben Shapiro Confronts Pro-Cuban Professor, He Goes Silent

The idea that the regime reflects the will of the population is a fantasy that's been carried out over the last 60 years...

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  • Ben Shapiro Confronts Pro-Cuba Professor, He Goes Silent [AUDIO]

    Big changes are coming to US-Cuba relations.  President Obama is announcing a major shift, including an easing of banking and trade restrictions with the country which has been under a strict embargo since the 1960s.  The US is also looking to open an embassy in Havana in the coming months and normalization of travel restrictions to the country. American University Director for Latin American and Latino studies Professor Eric Hirschberg joined The Morning Answer to discuss what we can expect to see as a result of the change in Cuban relations. Read More
  • Jeb Bush 'Exploring' Run for Presidency in 2016 [AUDIO]

    Jeb Bush is getting closer to throwing his hat in the ring for the Presidency in 2016.  This morning he posted on social media that he will “actively explore” the possibility of running for President of the United States.  “In the coming months, I hope to visit with many of you and have a conversation about restoring the promise of America.  Best wishes to you and your families for a happy holiday season. I’ll be in touch soon,” he added in the post on Facebook. Read More
  • The Morning Answer Says Farewell to Producer Gino! [AUDIO]

    Sadly (for us, not for him) Producer Gino is leaving the show.  The man who puts The Morning Answer together and wrangles Brian, Ben and Elisha every morning without breaking sweat is heading back to his hometown in New Hampshire for a new gig.  ”The Morning Answer crew invited Gino in the studio this morning to say goodbye and to offer him up some going away gifts and advice. Read More
  • Jorge Ramos Blasts Obama for Immigration Flip-Flop [AUDIO]

    Jorge Ramos went after President Obama over his flip-flop on immigration on Tuesday night.  In an interview on Fusion, he confronted the President about past statements, including that he wasn’t “a king or emperor and can’t singlehandedly bring sweeping action on immigration.”   Obama responded that the notion at that time was that he could just stop all deportations period.  “And we can’t do that,” fired back Obama. Read More
  • Gowdy Grills Gruber at Obamacare Hearing [AUDIO]

    Representative Trey Gowdy tore in to Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber on Tuesday at the House Oversight Committee’s hearing examining the Affordable Care Act’s transparency failures.  Both Democrats and Republicans were upset about Gruber’s comments on the “stupidity” of the American voter.  Read More