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Lisa DePasquale

Lisa DePasquale Talks Republican Sex Scandals

'It seems like the worse offense you can commit is not adultery, it’s being hypocritical'

Hewitt & Santorum

Hugh Hewitt, Rick Santorum Appearing Together at the Reagan Library

Join us for this special event on Friday, May 2nd!

Ben Shapiro on Sun News

Ben Shapiro & Baby Appear on Canadian TV to Discuss Mozilla/okCupid Bullying [VIDEO]

If standards actually mattered to them, they never would have taken this measure in the first place...

Tax Day

Tax Day Recap!

A new poll indicates that more than half of Americans think the amount they pay is too high. Meanwhile, 42% of people think it is “just right.” Who are these people?

Boston Bombing

Boston Bombing: One Year Later

I mean you heard this horrible story over the weekend how David Gregory on Meet the Press insulted one of the survivors...

Sleep Apnea Relief

Dennis Prager Finds Relief From Sleep Apnea

Click here to find out more about Sleep Apnea and how to order a home test to find out if you are suffering from this potentially deadly problem.


  • Sriracha Factory May Move Operations

    Huy Fong Foods, producer of popular hot sauce Sriracha, is considering moving.  David Tran, the creator the sauce said Wednesday that he is fielding dozens of calls from politicians, business leaders from ten states, and multiple cities in California who have offered to host the Sriracha factory.  Read More
  • Fire Truck Hits Monterey Park Restaurant, 15 Injured

    A major investigation is underway after two fire trucks collided and one crashed into a restaurant full of people in Monterey Park.  Authorities are now saying at least 15 people, including six firefighters, were injured by the collision Wednesday. Read More
  • Terri Smith ID'd as Victim Shot Over $10

    We now know the identity of the woman who was shot in Hyde park over ten-dollars.  Authorities say 42-year old Terri Smith died after being shot by a roommate in a fight over a bill at a transitional home in South Los Angeles.  Read More
  • Glendale All Woman Self Defense Class Faces Discrimination Lawsuit from Men

    Officials with a self-defense class in Glendale may have to defend themselves in court.  A self-defense class geared toward women has been postponed for a second time this month after a national men's group threatened a discrimination lawsuit because men aren't allowed to participate in the course.  Read More
  • Bob Cox Selected as Interim Leader of Centinela School District

    The Centinela Valley Union High School District has a new leader.  The district's superintendant Jose Fernandez is currently being investigated after collecting a salary of nearly $700,000 last year.  Read More


  • Lisa DePasquale, Author "Finding Mr. Righteous," Talks Republican Sex Scandals [AUDIO]

    A new study today shows that both Democrats and Republicans are engaged in sex scandals but there seems to be an increasing number of sex scandals involving Republicans.  Lisa DePasquale, author of “Finding Mr. Righteous” joined Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krauss on The Morning Answer to discuss her book and the increasing number of escapades engaged in by people with “R” next to their name. Read More
  • Tax Day Recap! [AUDIO]

    Taxpayers made almost $1.4 TRILLION of tax payments on April 15.  A new poll indicates that more than half of Americans think the amount they pay is too high.  Meanwhile, 42% of people think it is “just right.”  Who are these people? Read More
  • Boston Marathon Bombing: One Year Later [AUDIO]

    A solemn wreath-laying ceremony started off a number of tributes to the victims and first responders of the Boston Marathon bombing.   One year ago today, three people were killed and 260 injured during the detonation at the finish line.  Implicated in the plot were two brothers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  Brian Whitman and Elisha Krauss updated listeners on the fate of the surviving brother as his case winds through court since there hasn’t been much attention paid to his legal status. Read More
  • Feds Back off in Bundy Ranch Standoff [AUDIO]

    The Feds have backed off after a standoff with a rancher in Nevada.  On Saturday, the Bureau of Land Management and agreed to give back the cattle it took over the past week from Cliven Bundy.  Nevada state assemblywoman Michele Fiore joined the Morning Answer to provide some background to the ongoing situation. Read More
  • Hillary Clinton Dodges Shoe During Las Vegas Speech [VIDEO][AUDIO]

    Hillary Clinton came out unscathed after somebody threw a shoe at her while she was on stage.  “Good thing she didn’t play softball like I did,” was Clinton’s reaction after the incident.  The footwear flinging took place while she was giving a speech to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.  Read More