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Townhall 2014

Special Guest Katie Pavlich Announced for Townhall 2014

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Ebola Czar

Obama Names Ebola Czary

Can someone explain to me why we have a czar for something two people in the country have?

Pin-ups, Pann's and Patriots

Pin-ups, Pann's and Patriots - and Neel 'The Real Deal' Kashkari [PHOTOS]

Click here to see pictures of our live broadcast from Pann's Diner in LA along with the ladies from Pin-ups for Patriots and Neel Kashkari!

Dr. Siman

Dr. Siman - TMJ and Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentist

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Sleep Apnea Relief

Dennis Prager Finds Relief From Sleep Apnea

Click here to find out more about Sleep Apnea and how to order a home test to find out if you are suffering from this potentially deadly problem.


  • Kevin de Leon Sworn in as Head of California Senate

    California now has its first Latino to head the state Senate in more than a century.  Democratic Senator Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles was sworn in at Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Around two-thousand people attended the 50-thousand dollar bash in downtown L.A. Wednesday and had been paid for by the California Latino Legislative Caucus Foundation.  Read More
  • LAUSD Superintendent John Deasey Resigns

    The LAUSD Superintendent is stepping down.  John Deasy reportedly resigned Wednesday after signing a separation agreement ending his employment at the second largest school district in the nation.  Read More
  • 2000 Students Relocated after Asbestos Found in Huntington Beach, Ocean View School District

    Students are being relocated after asbestos is found in three schools in the Ocean View School District.  District spokesman Tom DeLapp said yesterday the nearly 2,000 Huntington Beach students are expected to begin attending classes at nine nearby schools by the end of the week.  Read More
  • LAPD Stops "Ghost Cars" on Patrol

    The Los Angeles Police Department is putting the brakes on so-called "ghost cars" on patrol.  Police logs show officers were out patrolling, but an Inspector General investigation revealed that officers had been falsifying patrol numbers to give the appearance that staffing was higher.  Read More
  • Ebola on LA Bus Joke Costing Taxpayers Thousands of Dollars

    The man who yelled "don't mess with me, I have Ebola" on a Los Angeles bus is costing taxpayers lots of money.  Los Angeles County Department of Public Health officials believe the threat was actually a joke, but briefly quarantined the driver and gave the bus a thorough scrub down just in case.  \ Read More


  • Obama Appoints Ebola Czar [AUDIO]

    As the Ebola crisis continues in the United States, President Obama has decided to appoint an “Ebola Czar.”  Veteran Democratic political aide Ron Klain will assume the role and many are criticizing the decision.  Klain has no medical background and has no relationships in the medical community.  “This appointment is both shocking an frankly tone deaf to what the American people are concerned about,” wrote Republican representative in a written statement. Read More
  • Obama's ISIS Blunders Hurting Democrats [AUDIO]

    President Obama’s blunders on the handling of ISIS are hurting Democrats heading in to the 2014 mid-term elections.   Even though some are trying to tie the fiasco back to the Bush Administration, a recent poll shows that Americans give Republicans a 19 percent advantage over the Democrats on ISIS and a 13 point advantage on foreign affairs in general. Read More
  • Katie Pavlich: Ebola Political When President Refuses to Shut Down Flights [AUDIO]

    Townhall 2014 is just a few days away at the historic Alex Theater in Glendale.  Our special guest this year is writer for Townhall and Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich.  She joined Brian, Ben and Elisha on Wednesday’s “The Morning Answer” to offer a preview to this year’s event and talk about the latest political implications of the Ebola crisis in the United States after a second nurse tested positive and travelled on a commercial flight. Read More
  • GiGi "The Ebola Zapping Robot" Mistakenly Diagnoses Brian, Ben with Ebola [AUDIO]

    GiGi the “Ebola zapping robot” is ready to help St. Joesph’s Hospital of Orange battle against the deadly virus.  The cutting-edge robot can take out Ebola, Entereovirus and myriads of other nasty germs found around the hospital.  It works by pulsing UV light in an empty room which is 25,000 times more powerful than the sun.   The device can eliminate 99.9% of all germs.  GiGi joined Brian Whitman and Ben Shapiro on the Morning Answer to answer some of their questions about her performance. Read More
  • Leon Panetta: ISIS Air Strikes Not Succesful, Need Boots on the Ground [AUDIO]

    The air strike offensive continues against ISIS, but how successful has it been?   President Obama says that there will be no “boots on the ground” to make the air strikes work.  "Speaking on Face the Nation," former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that there has to be boots on the ground but that they don’t have to be American.  “You’ve got to have people on the ground who can identify targets and who can help us develop the kind of effective air strikes that are going to be needed if we’re going to be able to undermine, destroy this vicious enemy we’re dealing with,” said Panetta. Read More